• La Crème Cow Original

    La Crème Cow Original is the spreadable cheese snack you’ll love! Its creamy and smooth taste makes it the perfect snack. Add it to your favourite recipe or eat it on its own!

    Ingredients :

    Cheese (milk, bacterial culture, salt, enzymes), water, artificial swiss flavour, sodium phosphate, skim milk powder, salt, calcium propionate, potassium chloride, lactic acid. Contains Milk.

    Sizes available:

    12 Portions - 228g

    Nutritional InformationPer 1 Wedge (19 g)
    Amount% Daily Value
    Fat3.5 g5 %
    Saturated2 g11 %
    + Trans0.1 g
    Cholesterol15 g
    Sodium220 mg10 %
    Carbohydrate1 g0 %
    Fiber0 g0 %
    Sugars0 g
    Protein3 g
    Vitamin A4 %
    Vitamin C0 %
    Calcium10 %
    Iron0 %
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